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"Blue, Turquoise, Emerald, Azure Cruise", The name is not important, the colour of the clean, crystal clear sea is! Swim in the calm warm water before breakfast, sunbathe on deck whilst sailing to a new location, explore the local lokantas and villages ashore and enjoy a barbeque on the beach of a deserted cove prepared by your own cook - freshly caught fish, lamb and chicken with herbs, delicious salads and fruit in season.

Seher Tour Yachting & Travel Agency
Uslu pasaji 48900 Datša-Turkey
Phone :  +90 (0) 252  712  24  73
Fax :  712  84  27 - 712  30  87
Mobile : +90 (0) 532  364  51  78
Email 1:info@sehertour.com
Email 2:sehertour@hotmail.com
Email 3:medtour@blueyonder.co.uk (Only english e-mail!)