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Datca map
DATÇA HARBOUR – Datca Harbour is one of the starting points for the Blue Cruise. It is a friendly lively port during the daytime offering a variety of shops and a good selection of restaurants and bars along the waterfront. For the benefit of visitors and locals alike new regulations ensure the music ceases at midnight!  Datça now offers the most peaceful and quiet harbour mooring on the Blue Cruise route.
HISARONU BAY – This is a beautiful area, explored yet secluded. It is well known by the agencies and visited by sailors, however, as there is no proper harbour most visitors prefer not to stay here overnight. You can safely moor and spend a night in this wonderful place in solitude.
KURUCABUK – In this spectacular bay you can spend a night under the stars breathing in the scent of the nearby pine forest covering the mountain slopes.
HURMALIBUK – Here you can see the endemic tree, Phoenix Theoprasti, a member of the palm tree genus which grows only on the Datça Peninsula. The sea bed in this place is a most suitable habitat for octopus, which can easily be caught.
BENCIK KOYU – English Harbour of Hisaronu Bay. The quietest part of the area with many small beautiful bays. The water is a combination of every shade of green and blue. After sailing past Rabbit Island you reach the natural wonder of Emel Sayin Bay.
EMEL SAYIN KOYU – Emel Sayin is a very famous Turkish singer. Nearly 25 years ago she stopped in this bay on her Blue Cruise and now this bay is called by her name.  It is well worth a visit.
ORHANIYE – KIZKUMU – At the head of the Gulf of Hisaronu is the deep inlet leading to attractive mooring at Orhaniye. As you near the head of this inlet at Kizkumu the natural phenomena, a sand bar stretching across part of the bay will be seen.  According to the local legend; once upon a time there were two star crossed lovers living on opposite sides of this bay. To make it possible for them to meet God created the sand bar.  Most visitors to Kizkumu walk across on this strip of sand which is just a few inches below the water.
SELIMIYE- This small seaside village is set in a huge magnificent bay, the mountainous slopes around thickly wooded in pine. There is a quay off the hamlet which provides good mooring for yachts.
DIRSEKBUKU – After leaving Selimiye, passing along the southern side of the gulf, there are a number of small islands. On Kemeriye Ada there are the remains of an old Greek church and monastery. Dirsek is a long inlet with good shelter in attractive scenery.
YESILOVA KORFEZI – BOZBURUN – This is a very large bay. After turning Atabol Burnu the slopes of Yesilova Korfezi are bare and rocky. The rock and sand sea floor gives the water its amazing intense turquoise blue colour. The port of Bozburan lies at the head of the gulf sheltered by several small islands. You can anchor around Kizilada Kuseliada islands. Bozburan has a pleasant harbour with good restaurants. There is a thriving boatyard where traditional Turkish wooden gulets are built.
BOZUKKALE – Approaching Bozuk Buku the ancient citadel, of Hellenistic origin, can be seen on the headland. The narrow entrance between towering cliffs leads to the bay where there are several sheltered moorings. The scenery is grand. The ruins of ancient Loryma are visible around the bay
KARGI - 1½ miles South of Datça is Kargi Bay. Kargi is quiet and rural. The only buildings on the shore being two restaurants. The sea is crystal clear with good mooring
GÖKLIMAN (AKVARYUM) – In this area there are two seaside hamlets, each with its own bay. (Datça also is situated on two separate bays). These are bays are only big enough for two or  three yachts at a time. The area behind nearby Armutlusu and Inceburun Lighthouse has ancient remains and it is possible to climb and explore around here.
DOMUZÇUKURU AND KIZILBUK KOYU – The area around these bays is covered with pine trees and there is a small natural camping place.
HAYITBUKU – This is a small seaside village set in beautiful surroundings. There are some restaurants and pensions here. Talking with village people whilst drinking Turkish tea is a very pleasant and relaxing way to pass time.
PALAMUTBUKU – This bay has the longest beach of the Datça Peninsula and the harbour is the second biggest after Datça itself. There are restaurants and pensions here. The village stretches inland amongst orange groves and almond orchards. The mountain scenery is beautiful. The whole area filled with flowers in the spring time.
KNIDOS – The remains of the ancient city of Knidos are easily seen and visited on the tip of this spectacular headland. There are two harbours here. The town harbour, where the merchant ships came to unload there exotic cargo, is overlooked by the amphitheatre and city walls is situated on the Mediterranean Sea whilst the Naval Harbour used by the war ships and naval vessels of antiquity is on the Aegean Sea. You can watch the sun set across the sea and over this magnificent landscape with the ruins of Aphrodite's temple behind you on the mountain side and imagine Aphrodite bathing here in the clean clear crystal waters.
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